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Keikrupat has become a breeding ground for immoral activities, UCM avers

IMPHAL, December 12: “Owing to the government’s apathy, the sanctity of one of the most sacred places of the state, Keikrupat-memorial complex of the June 18 martyrs, has been defiled”, the UCM stated today.

Showing concern over the visible lack of interest from the government’s side in maintaining the memorial complex, the UCM has informed that the complex has become a breeding ground of immoral activities.

Speaking to media persons, at the memorial complex on the issue, spokesperson BM Yaima Shah informed that volunteers of the committee this evening nabbed a woman red handed while indulging in immoral activities inside an abandoned security barrack inside the memorial complex, while her male companions managed to escaped.

He further identified the woman as Oinam Inaobi Devi, 25 w/o RK Sidha Saha of Minuthong.

He further informed that the woman identified herself as a CSW and that she has been indulging in immoral activities in the complex for more than a year and a half. She had further informed the UCM that due to the lack of any security personal or chowkidar at the complex, she has been frequenting the complex for the past one and half year, the UCM spokesperson informed.

Meanwhile, decrying the government’s negligence in maintaining the memorial complex, the UCM spokesperson has further stated that such immoral activities have defiled the sanctity of the place which holds a sacred place for the people of the state.

He further informed that the UCM had left the complex since about two and a half years after the Kangla Fort Board had taken over the maintenance of the Kekrupat.

Now Kekrupat lies unattended and today’s incident confirms the government’s negligence in maintaining the complex, however if the government is unable to maintain the sanctity of the place, the UCM will re-stationed itself at the complex, the UCM spokesperson informed further.



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