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MCP, Manipur clarifies ban on Shumang leela during general election

IMPHAL, December 31: The proscribed Maoist Communist Party, Manipur, in a statement, has clarified that the outfit had imposed a ban on the performance of Shumang Leela and musical concert during the election period due to past incidents. The outfit maintain that the ban will not be lifted as election does not come every year.

A statement issued by the outfit has stated that entertainment artists of the state were cheaply used by politicians to woo voters as seen during the past MP and Municipal elections. This has led the outfit to arrive at the decision to ban entertainment programmes relating to election campaigns in any form.

The role played by a Shumang Leela group for a particular candidate during the past MP is understood by the people,  the outfit said and added there were numerous other cases of musical artists showcasing their performances in favour of candidates during the recently held municipal elections which indirectly or directly influenced voters to vote for a particular candidate.

All these were only examples and the outfit arrive at the extreme decision after minutely discussing all the pros and cons of entertainment programmes held in connection with election campaigns, the statement said and added that the outfit is of the view that entertainment programmes should be staged in a normal and reasonable way.

While stating that the outfit is considering allowing performance of entertainment programmes if it is held reasonably and not in connection with the ensuing assembly election, the Maoist maintained and added that the outfit will take the decision in this regard only after holding consultation with the people.

While stating that the outfit has never dishonoured any Shumang Leela group or musical group, the Maoist statement maintained that the announcement to impose the ban on the performance of entertainment events relating to election campaign had to be made due to sudden announcement of election proceedings.



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