UCM, AMUCO demands white paper on Supra state body


IMPHAL, Dec 21: The United Committee Manipur and the AMUCO, in a joint statement issued today, said the state government should bring out a white paper on the matter of Supra state body.

Stating the people of Manipur are being kept in the dark on the issue, the UCM and AMUCO demanded that the ongoing Winter session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly should reaffirm the decision that territorial integrity of Manipur will be kept intact and there cannot be formation of a Supra state body.

The joint statement also said that an official document regarding the matter should be forwarded to the central government and a white paper is needed to be brought out soon.

It also said the central government have been trying to disintegrate Manipur by plying the politics of hatred amongst the different communities residing in the state ever since Manipur merged to the Indian union in 1949.


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