UPA chairperson praises state govt; expresses satisfaction at progress of developmental works


IMPHAL, December 3: UPA chairperson and the All India Congress Committee president Sonia Gandhi who arrived along with the Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh in the state capital this morning expressed her satisfaction over the various development programmes taken up by the Congress led SPF government in the state.

Addressing a mammoth crowd of more than 50,000 supporters at Kangla, the UPA chairperson further lauded the SPF government in the state and stated that happy with the achievements of the state government, the centre has been providing the state government will all necessary assistance.

Terming today’s visit as a historical event, the UPA chairperson said that the Prime Minister today inaugurated the projects announced by himself while handing over the Kangla Fort to the people of the state in 2004. She further described it as a tremendous achievement of the SPF government and further lauded the state government for its dedication and sincerity in serving the people of the state.

She further apprised that the SPF government needs the co-operation of the people of the state to take the state forward towards development.

The Congress president further expressed that the only solution to the insurgency problem which has affected the state and its development is through political dialogues.

She further urged all the ‘groups and misguided youths’ to come forward for political dialogues so that the state government may ensure a peaceful settlement and brighter future for them.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Manipur, O Ibobi Singh while welcoming the Prime Minister and UPA chairperson declared that the present Congress led state government has been able to bring tremendous development to the state with the blessings from the central Congress led government which none of his predecessors have been able to achieve.

He further thanked the central leaders for sparing the time to come to the state and consider the difficult time faced by the state at the moment.

Drawing the attention of the Prime Minister Manmohan SIngh and the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, the CM further expressed that the state will be facing a financial overdue in case of implementation of the sixth revised central pay and much needed developmental projects in the state which could amount to Rs 6000 crore. He further requested the PM to announce the Rs 6000 crore as financial package during his visit to the state.

He further appealed to the visiting PM during the public meeting to take special consideration of the fact that the state is a landlocked state and instruct the Ministry of Surface Transport and concerned authorities including the BRO to safeguard the highways of the state. He further indicated towards the establishment of a separate highway protection force. 

The CM further assured the gathering that the state government is still committed to safeguard the state territorial integrity and both the state and the central governments have not receive any proposals regarding Supra state body.


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