ZB expresses unhappiness over SPF govt`s initiation to ban UNC


IMPHAL, December 19 (Newmai News Network): The Zeliangrong Baudi, Manipur (ZB) has expressed unhappiness over the move of the Secular Progressive front (SPF) cabinet (Manipur govt) initiating the banning of the Naga apex body United Naga Council (UNC) as an “unlawful organization” under Prevention of Unlawful Activities, 1967, and termed it as “communal and biased step” towards the Naga community.

Zeliangrong Baudi said in case the SPF Government feels that United Naga Council is an unlawful organization then what about the entire valley based civil societies like United Committee Manipur (UCM), All Manipur Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO), All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU), Manipur Students’ Federation (MSF) which were instrumental in burning Manipur assembly and Indian national flags and ransacked properties on large scale while protesting the “Cease-fire without territorial limit” in 2001.

ZB added the AMSU had banned all educational institutions in the state for almost four months in 2009 to protest the fake encounter that resulted in the killing of Sanjit and Rabina Devi for which the Government had to change academic calendar of the troubled year and annual examinations were also conducted in February/March 2010.

It also attacked the SPF Government saying large number of weapons and militants were found at official quarters of ministers and MLAs in Babupara, Imphal besides one of the SPF ministers shot the Advocate General of Manipur causing serious injuries to him in December 2009. It said a  minister’s son also killed a civilian in March 2011. Recently, five persons, including vice president of a regional party in the State were apprehended along with arms which were reportedly belonged to some militant groups, the Zeliangrong Baudi alleged..

Questioning that how many of them have been booked and declared unlawful by the State government, ZB said they (valley based NGOs) were not declared unlawful because they belong to “dominant community”, adding that if the UNC is declared unlawful organization then it can be taken that it is so because it belongs to the Nagas.

ZB said it will not remain silent to such “communal policy” of SPF Government and further cautioned the Zeliangrong public to remain alert for any eventuality in the near future.


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