Electing Right Representatives


Leader Writer: Hrishikesh Angom
What is people`™s expectation from election in any democratic setup? Good representatives and government. Will people realize this amidst threats and intimidations? The voice for `free and fair poll`™ has gone unheard for several decades right from the time people of this land began to exercise their franchise. It would be a great challenge to the people electing right representatives in the ensuing state assembly polls. Neither the people nor the politicians of this land are bound by any political ideology. No party is dominant in the state except the one which is in power at the centre. History is evident for such a political scenario in the state. Even Congress once lost its foothold in the state with only one legislator left in the assembly while all others defected in pursuit of `power`™.

There has been a notion of the general public that a contestant must be financially sound even though he is illiterate or comes from an obscure background. Voters are akin to items of auction where politicians bid to procure as many of them to clinch the title of `representative`™. Such a phenomenon totally contradicts the democratic principles. Money and muscle power have been the driving force of electioneering. Tea parties, feasts and gatherings have become daily events during election. The capability of the candidates is shown in organizing these events. People prefer those candidates who can arrange unlimited parties and also provide money to fulfill their whims. On the other side, bombs and bullets have become parts and parcel of electioneering. Poll related violence has indeed perturbed the voters. The voice of `free and fair poll`™ may once again go unheard if violence persists in the state.

In view of the critical political scenario, people must be sensitized on electing right representatives for the future of the state. People have witnessed numerous issues and problems. Blockades and bandhs have nearly covered the calendar last year. The time has come for them to ponder on this election. The choice is before them`”feast for a day or meal for lifelong. Nothing can change the society. People should be bold enough to choose their right representatives`”who will work for their welfare and development. Good representatives and government can bring constructive changes in the society. People should focus more on the manifestoes of various national and regional parties rather than keeping eyes on the candidates`™ assets. They should be politically conscious to deal with the present complex political scenario. Social leaders and community leaders should take the lead roles in imparting political education to the general public. Welfare and development should be the first and foremost objective of such political education. Students from colleges and universities should also be involved in educating the masses.

Above all election is the heart of democracy. It is the duty of responsible citizens to exercise their franchise to elect the right representatives. Voters should not be influenced by money and muscle power. The Election Commission should act at its best to ensure free and fair poll. A single press of the button can make a big change. Be a part of the change by casting votes sensibly to the right candidates. The future of democracy can be bright as well as dull. People need to be sensitized on the core issues of the society. Election should be made to bring good governance in the state.


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