1st AMUCO trophy state level polo tournament


IMPHAL, Feb 27: Khurai Polo Club(A) makes to the last eight stages of the games as they defeated Nambul Mapal Polo Club with 7-1 goals in the 1st AMUCO Trophy State Level Polo Tournament 2012 played at Imphal Pologround.

L.Thompson Singh and Y.Roshan Singh gave the early for Khurai Polo Club team (A) striking a goal each in the first chukker and later teammates Y Roshan and H.Papak hits home two more goals in favour of Khurai in the second chukker. Nambul Mapal Polo Club never got theirs act together in the match but manages to find theirs lucky break as L Brajamani push home the lone goals.

Khurai Polo Club gaining more ground in the third chukker as H Papak, Y Roshan and L.Thompson hits home a goal each and later in the last chukker, L.Thompson picks up another easy easy goal to the thumping win today.

In another match, Manipur Police Sports Club(B) makes to the quarter final beating Khurai Polo Club(B) by 7-2 goals.

Manipur Police Sports Club struck through T Pradepkumar in the first chukker and later in the second chukker teammates S Abungcha Singh struck two quick goals while teammates T Pradeepkumar Singh and Th Romen Singh consolidates to post 5 goals lead.

Burdened by five goals, Khurai Polo Club push up the tempo as rider Th.Puremba Singh make his impact with his team opening goal just before the final whistle to trail by 1-5 goals in the second chukker.

Khurai rider mounts up theirs strategy in the next chukker as S.Jamesson Singh hits home his team second goal, which turn out to be theirs last as well. Police further tightens theirs grip in the game with T Pradeepkumar Singh hitting home his team sixth goals and later in the fourth chukker, H Abung Khuman swing his stick to fetch his team winning goal.


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