AR Major slammed for misconduct


IMPHAL, Feb 23: The All Zeliangrong Students’ Union and Zeliangrong Youth Front have condemned the irresponsible behaviors shown by Major Avinash of 13 AR yesterday.

A joint press release stated that the army officer barged in with an intention to disrupt during a meeting at a community hall in Nungba to discuss the deplorable condition of NH-37 and other developmental work in the areas which was participated by Zeliangrong Baudi, village chairmen and representatives, students leaders and youth.

According to the organizations, Major Avinash who is posted at Khongshang created nuisances trying to video tape the meeting and acting authoritatively and later engaged in a strong argument with the students and youths.     

The officer harassed the students and youths, the note stated, by detaining them unnecessarily for about half and hour and ordering his men to search their vehicles. He also allegedly tried to obtain their signatures on blank papers which were consequently met with rejection.

The organization stated that his undesirable acts have exposed the lack of discipline and lack of proper instructions from his higher authorities. They demanded that the concerned authority take proper action against him and issue strict instructions to avoid recurrence of such condemnable acts in the future.


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