ECI must nullify discrepant polls instead of re-poll: BJP


IMPHAL, Feb 14: State BJP has charged that the recent assembly polls have witnessed a number of malpractices such as proxy voting, mass rigging, booth capturing and then even so, further repolls should not be conducted in the state.

Speaking to mediapersons in this regard at state BJP head-office located at Nityaipat Chuthek today, acting President Prof. S Tikendra said that following certain complaints lodged to the ECI by candidates that unfair means have been used rampantly, the same had ordered repolls on February 4 and later also conducted photo comparisons for various polling stations.

Further, tell tale irregularities have been noticed in the said photo comparisons and the reports have been sent to the ECI for further recommendation. He said that the public is expecting repolls in certain polling stations. In this regard, state BJP has sent a representation to the ECI which states that conducting further repolls will not bring any outright solution. “It is clear from the photographic comparisons that certain malpractice have occurred in the polls. It is a serious matter and a great challenge to the sanctity of the parliamentary democratic system of the country, It is not an excusable mistake but an organized and willful violation of the election norms and deserves exemplary punishment,mere repolls will not solve the problem” ,he said.

He further stated that the ECI has been approached to look into the matter and further to issue an order and count the votes on the genuiness of the votes found in the cross checking and declaring the incorrect ones as invalid. “ Results should be declared only from the valid votes, such measures if taken up will deter further proxy voting and assure more transparency in the voting process”, he added.

Conjoining the statements, BJP state general secretary Th Syamo Singh stated that the irregularities witnessed in the photo comparisons  clearly points of lapses in the security arrangement. He charged that there may have been collusion with certain quarters to effect the outcome of the polls. “ The police and para-military forces are not doing their normal duties”, he said.

Meanwhile , answering queries, acting president S Tikendra said that the BJP is hopeful of landing  5/6 seats out of the fielded 17 candidates. “ We are willing to form alliance with any other political party besides the congress”, he said.

Similarly,NCP Manipur state has alleged the congress for practicing proxy voting in the 10th Assembly Election held recently. While talking to the media in a press conference held at NCP office today evening on the issue,President Radhabinod Koijam stated that his party has witnessed high level of proxy practice in the polling stations of hills and valley polling stations where NCP expected to dominate. The projected leader of the pre-poll Alliance, PDF (People Democratic Front) formed with MPP, JDU and CPI (M) cited that the proxy votes that were proved at the cross checking of photos conducted at the CEO office in Imphal, were practiced by the ruling congress party. The party leader demanded the bogus votes to treated as invalid. While focusing on the ECI’s limitations of candidates’ election expenditure to eight lakhs, stated that the candidates have to spend more if re-poll is advised, and at the same time the government has to spend more unnecessarily. “Re-poll cannot do anything to make corrections, butneed those involved in practicing proxy to be punished accordingly, L. Ibomcha, spokesperson of NCP Manipur supplemented.


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