Manipur Kumhei to enthral Bengaluru


IMPHAL,Feb 2: Bengaluru, the IT capital of India has a large diaspora of Manipuris which mostly consists of students in various professional colleges and IT professionals.

As of now, baring a few sporadic events organised by individuals and small groups, there hasn`t been any major occasion wherein this diaspora gets together. Hence, the Manipur Liaison Office, Bengaluru is organising a two day Manipur Kumhei at Bengaluru with a view to bring together, to start with, about 800 people of Manipur origin and enable them to spend an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Manipur Kumhei will be held on February 4 Saturday and 5 Sunday, 2012. An initiative being undertaken by the Manipur Liaison Office in Bengaluru, Dr. V. Ramakantha, this kumhei aims at promoting positive links and creating new bonds of love, peace, understanding and mutual respect between the city`s native population and the Manipuri diaspora.

This festival has also chosen to focus on the creative brilliance of Manipuri cinema and the grandeur of its performing arts, over a two day festival.

The kumhei will also offer the participants from the diaspora to bond together, relive their past, take pride in their culture and basically to celebrate Manipur. A large contingent of artists and performers selected by the Dept. of Art and Culture, Govt. of Manipur, has been invited to Bengaluru to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Manipur.

On the first day of the kumhei, three renowned Manipuri films namely: Phijigee Mani – directed by O. Gautam and produced by Medha Sharmi, Mami Sami – directed by Ningthouja Lancha and Noong Amadi Yeroom – directed by Ningthouja Lancha will be screened followed by an interactive session with the producers and the directors.

A cultural evening awaits on the second day of the kumhei which includes the enchanting Tribal dances, Manipuri Ras Leela, Thang-Ta and Pung-Cholom. While the people of Manipur origin savour the time spent in their homeland, the performers will in turn be benefited by the exposure to the Manipuri diaspora and metropolitan city of Bengaluru.

Manipur Kumhei, the festival of dance, dance-drama, music, martial art, film shows and more, will also have components events from artists of Karnataka which will give the Manipuri diaspora an insight into yet another ancient civilization of Kannadigas. The event will be enriched with performances by local Kannadiga Yakshagana (a dance drama) artists and others.


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