Maoist movement will bring up proletarian society, asserts Manipur Maoists


IMPHAL, Feb 29: The regional bureau member of Maoist Communist Party, Manipur Sanathoi Meitei has stated that the Maoist movement has been a part of the international proletariat movement and the 150-year-old Maoist philosophy of the people’s struggle has been put into implementation in the state of Manipur.

The bureau member stated this to some media persons in an interview held recently along the Indo Bangladesh border.

He further asserted that the outfit has waged its revolution in the state on the basis of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism. In regard to the national liberation movement, several lives have been sacrificed whereas, the Indian government has been playing a divide and rule policy in order to create a sense of alienation among the different communities of the state and further to suppress the liberation movement .

Further, in the name of development, the masses have been lured with a materialistic outlook and thus thwart the revolutionary movement, he said.

After much deliberation, it was of utmost importance that the Maoist movement be propagated in the state and the same has been highlighted of the movement beginning August 10, 2011 in internationally. Following the trend in the state, it has been taken up by the Maoist to bring about a stop to the fake encounter incidents by instituting a ‘defense mechanism’.The worth of an individual in a small community like ours is valued but the security forces think otherwise and perceives the killing of a person as only a ladder to getting promotion.

Arbitrary killings have been perpetrated in the state and the public is aware of the issue, hence the fake encounter incidents should be addressed and the public needs to counter such happenings. It is indeed worthy for a revolutionary to sacrifice one’s life for the motherland but killing of a defenseless person is a cowardly act and if such acts keeps repeating, then the Maoist will not remain a mute spectator.The Maoist may be a fledgling outfit but has total commitment. The outfit has decided to identify those involved in carrying out the fake encounter incidents and award befitting punishment to the security persons involved. Further, the outfit will also propagate a mass movement in the international arena against such wanton killings. Sanathoi Meitei appealed the masses to co-operate with the new democratic revolution of the Maoist.


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