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NSCN-IM, AR engage in fresh row

DIMAPUR, Feb 3 (NNN): Once again the NSCN-IM and the Assam Rifles are engaged in a series of tirade.

This time an incident today in Chandel district of Manipur was the triggering point.

According to the NSCN-IM “an aggressive act” by Assam Rifles against the Nagas occurred at around 1 pm in Chandel. The Naga outfit said Captain JS Sharma, post commander of Larong village outpost under 26 Sector of Assam Rifles in Chandel district, forced the village chief to show him the private residence of TS Thumba, steering committee member of NSCN-IM. “On reaching there they broke the locked door and searched the house,” alleged the NSCN-IM while adding, “Such unruly intrusion into the house in the absence of the owner is highly condemnable by all rational thinking persons”.

It is worth noting that on January 14, Thuingaleng Muivah and Isak Chisi Swu were on their way to Zunheboto from Hebron Camp along with a large entourage consisting of about 70 vehicles but were stopped by a waiting Assam Rifles team at Bade village led by an Assam Rifles brigadier. Bade village is located at about 20 kilometres from NSCN-IM`s Hebron camp.

The Assam Rifles had asked Muivah and Swu not to go ahead with their visit to Zunheboto without obtaining a permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs. At around 3 pm the Ministry of Home Affairs had reportedly allowed Muivah and Isak Swu to visit Zunheboto but with certain conditions.

One condition of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for the NSCN-IM leaders`s tour to Zunheboto is that Muivah and Swu will travel without weapons. The second condition of the MHA to the NSCN-IM leaders was that personal security guards should not carry weapons even in concealed manner. The third condition has been that the number of vehicles not to exceed twenty and the NSCN-IM leaders should not hold any public meeting or press conference.



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