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Buses to suspend service from March 27

IMPHAL, March 24: Decrying the encroachment of Tata Wingers and Tata Magics into the traditional territory of passenger buses and state Transport  Department’s active encouragement to it, the All Manipur Bus Owners’ Federation (AMBOF) has decided to suspend services throughout the state beginning from March 27 this year.

It may mentioned here that, AMBOF has already suspended its daily bus service services on the Tiddim Line including buses bound for the Churachandpur District HQs from today.

According to an AMBOF release, it had decided to suspend bus services to Churachandpur from today due to disturbances created by the All Lamka Taxi Owners Society (ALTOS) on March 22.

It said, Tata Wingers have been operating services on the Imphal-Churachandpur route through No objection Certificate(NOC)s issued by ALTOS but without any valid permit issued by the state Transport department and the said department has been turning a blind eye to it.

As AMBOF started checking the illegal taxis operating on the route ALTOS intervened by stopping all Churachandpur buses on March 22, the release added.

It further said, AMBOF shares the inconveniences suffered by commuters on the Churachandpur route due to the suspension of operations. But, it was compelled to take such a drastic step due to the lack of apathy on the part of the state Transport department.

Decrying the silence of the Transport department it said, Tiddim Road is only the beginning and it will resort to suspension of operations throughout the state if the Transport department do not take corrective steps.

It also clarified that, it has the utmost respect for CDSU but that it did not attend the meeting called by CDSU as its protest was against the authorities of the state Transport department.

Meanwhile, our correspondent Kaimunthang reports from  Churachandpur that, the general public is facing hardships due to the tussle between ALTOS and Imphal  Churachandpur Bus Owners Association (Down Services ) and the subsequent ceasing of all passenger buses along the Tiddim Road by AMBOF.

The Churachandpur District Students Union (CDSU) has expressed its strong resentment regarding the conduct of all concerned, in a press release issued by it today.

According to CDSU, it convened a meeting of both parties on the 23rd and 24th March to sort out differences but no positive result could be achieved due to the failure of ICBOWA reepresentatives to participate in the said meeting.

The CDSU urged the state transport department to look into the matter at the earliest so as to bring an amicable and long lasting solution to the conflict so as to avoid other eventualities.

On the other hand the Union made an appeal to both parties to resume  their normal services on or before March 26 in the interest of the public.



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