Factional shoot-out


    DIMAPUR, Mar 18 (NNN): In spite of the near extreme endeavour intitiated by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) for the total cease of factional clashes among the Naga underground organisations, violence among these groups continue.

    The Saturday shoot out in the Nagaland capital Kohima has given serious blow to the reconciliation process.

    One cadre hailing from NSCN (Khole-Kitovi) faction, also known as GPRN/NSCN, was killed in the factional clash with its rival group suspected to be that of NSCN-K at Naga Hospital compond in Kohima. The deceased had been identified as one Kito Awomi. A civilian was also injured in that incident.

    Meanwhile, clashes like these that crop up from time to time has been the big botheration to the FNR and other Naga civil bodies who are working hard to stop the factional killings in Naga areas.

    The historic fifty thousand gathering of February 29 under the aegis of the FNR in Dimapur had passed resolutions to work towards preventing violence in Naga areas but the tension is simmering among certain Naga underground organisations with occasional clashes.

    Mentionably, the Forum for Naga Reconciliation is instrumental in halting the three Naga underground groups from the fierce factional clashes that were witnessed in Naga areas until the early part of 2008. The Dr Wati Aier led FNR after its formation had engaged numerous football matches involving the three warring Naga underground groups and Naga civil society bodies. Several conclaves convened by FNR had also been held both in Nagaland and abroad.


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