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New drama unfolds in Sadar Hills ADC kidnapping case

IMPHAL, March 25: The seven Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council members allegedly held captive by SoO signatory Kuki Revolutionary Army according to the Chairman of the ADC and as alleged by SoO signatory group Kuki National Front, provided an interesting twist to the kidnapping drama by announcing before a select team of media persons yesterday somewhere at Sadar Hills, that they are not kidnapped but are camping at a safe place, afraid of being kidnapped like vice chairman Haokholal Hungsing.

There are 16 members at the camp at present. There are some more who wanted to joined their camp, but have been threatened by Seipu against joining the opposition, they further alleged.

They also stated that Hunsing’s security guards have already been withdrawn which has only aggravated their fear.

The seven members are Lehkholam Chongloi, Bhumi Prasad, SK Vaiphei, Len khomang Chongloi, Seikhosat Kipgen, S Khupsong Koireng and Henzathang Khongsai.

Criticising ADC chairman Sephiu and his antics, the members declared that they want a change in leadership and added that out of the 26 members in the ADC, 16 have already signed a memorandum initiating a step to oust present Chairman Seipu.

“Seipu has been holding the office for two years, however he has become a self-styled chairman and has totally failed to take up the development of Sadar Hills. He is working only on his whims and fancies”, they lamented.

Reacting hard to the allegation from the chairman regarding their kidnapping by KRA, the members declared that Chairman Sephiu has lost all credibility of being the chairman as he has failed in all aspects of governance, and the time has come for a change in leadership, the members unanimously declared.

They also expressed before the media persons that being the majority in the ADC, they are democratically provided to bring a change in leadership.

They also added that there is no outside instigation in their call for a change in leadership. They have unanimously decided to replace Seipu.

 “We want to bring developmental changes during our remaining three years of office, but it will be possible only when Seipu is removed from the office of Chairman”.

“In the interest of the general public of the Sadar Hills, we want development from the grass-root level”.

“We have already intimated the state government on March 5 and have waited for the state Assembly to conclude, now since it is over, we want the state government to bring a solution to the issue”, they appealed the government.

“It is time the government acknowledge that there is a constitutional crisis in the Sadar Hills ADC and act accordingly to subdue the crisis at the earliest” they further echoed together.

The members also echoed their appeal to the militant outfits against interfering in the workings of the ADC. They cited that the members are politically elected by the general populace as their representatives and as such they should be allowed to work freely without any disturbance or threats from the militant outfits.

Indirectly accusing Seipu of working hands in gloves with a militant outfit, the members informed that threatening the elected members and creating panic amongst them is not right. They also added that there is no certainty that it wouldn’t happen to him also.



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