Police find dead woman hale and hearty at home


IMPHAL, March 19: An unidentified woman who was admitted to the RIMS casualty by two persons who claimed to be her relatives died yesterday at 11:25 pm.

The persons registered her name at the hospital as S Sanathoi, 45, wife of late Birchandra of Kumbi Tera Khong under Kumbi police station. However when the police arrived at the registered residence to inform them about the death, Sanathoi was found to be still alive.

According to a source, the two after attending to the injured for two days left and never returned.

Soon after she succumbed to her injuries, the hospital authorities informed the Lamphel police, who on their part informed the Kumbi police station.

Further according to the source, when Kumbi police tried contacting the registered family, Sanathoi was found to be living and with her husband.

Meanwhile, the dead body of the woman is still kept at the RIMS mortuary for identification.

The woman seem to be about 5’2” in height, and has a round face, wheatish complexion of average built and was wearing a pink color top and a grey color Phanek when she was admitted to the hospital.

If the death body is not claimed by anyone before March 22 it will be disposed by the government, an official statement informed.    


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