Sharmila re-arrest drama continues


IMPHAL March 13: “Irom Sharmila is a sister, her life is important but we have to think for the interest of the nation”, Okram Ibobi replied to a query from media persons during the formal announcement of his CLP leadership at Congress Bhawan today.

He said that he has worked for the removal of AFSPA way back in 2004 and lifted the implementation of the act from seven assembly segments following the pressure from the public and Sharmila’s own family.

He said that the approach to lift the act from the said areas was met with stiff opposition from the centre including the home ministry. He hinted that the law and order situation in the state has not improved overall so as to pressure the centre to lift the act.

Meanwhile, the “Iron Lady” was freed from judicial custody yesterday and has remained at her support group shelter stationed at Porompat. Talking to media, she had mentioned that her stance has not been given support by the government. She added that her struggle has been sidelined by the government.

She was rearrested today from Porompat by Imphal east police in the afternoon and sent to judicial custody for the next 15 days.

She has entered the 11th year of her fast after the Malom Massacre in November 2,2000. Sharmila is on fast demanding repeal of the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act. Under Section 309 of the IPC, the maximum punishment for trying to commit suicide is one year. Therefore, she is released once every year, only to be re-arrested for continuing the fast.

Meanwhile, to mark her birthday tomorrow, her supporters and family members have planned to light candles in all districts.


  1. How many times need it be pointed out. Irom Singhajit who works for Babloo Loitongbam nephew of the DG Imphal Police Commandoes obtained absolute power for his family in 2004 over Imphal City where there has been no truce signed with the so called insurgents by lifting disturbed area status from Imphal. The centre as ever could care less what happens in Manipur. Babloo has now one of his own men in the Ibobi Singh regime RK Anand who has for some time been diverting funds away from the worthy causes of Manipur. Sharmila had hoped to show Manipuris that there is a better way than the cheap selfish greed to which they aspire. But Manipuri men despise their women, and she is not as yet married. These men have made up stupid stories about international spy networks which ordinary Manipuris either lap up, sweets for the sweet, or just carry on ignoring their dear Eche as does the CM. The ruling families have always worked together and used Sharmila as cover. These so called supporters refused to campaign against the Government in the last election adding that politicizing Sharmila’s struggle upset them. Obviously they have put their future on an extended reign of corruption and nepotism. And yet another editorial from the craven Manipuri press asks again of Einstein, are you sure that if we take the same action over and over hoping each time we will get a different response it is evidence of Manipuri insanity. Instead of lighting candles let the family and supporters of Babloo Loitongbam start canvassing for election 2014 and put Sharmila up as a Candidate. Then let Ibobi Singh cry out although Eche Sharmila represents half the nation I still feel I can divert money from development to my swiss numbered bank accounts. There is no point in trying to reason with a racketeer. Direct presidential rule would come if the people called for it. For now the people just want a piece of fish (apparently that’s what Manipuri pimps think their homeland is worth) I am not judging I am just pointing out that the land of Manipur is the cheapest whore among lands where the whores are cheap. 


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