Angered by govt apathy, locals block road


IMPHAL, April 9: Irate locals including meira paibis and local club members today blocked local raods at Oinam Thingel in Singjamei against the government apathy regarding construction of drainage system and black-topping of roads in the area.

Angered by the prolong negligence from the government and the local MLA regarding the maintenance of the road and construction of the drainage system of the locality, the locals decided to block all vehicles from passing through the roads of the locality, informed a protestor to media persons.

Another protestor said that even though the locals have time and again apprise the local MLA regarding the condition of the road which has remained muddy through-out the year, and the drainage system which remains clogged with even a few hours of rain, he has always remained aloft of the locals problems.

The local MLA has been failed to turn up at the locality to take stock of the condition of the roads and drainage system, leave alone developing the area, added another one.

The protestors have decided to keep the roads block until the government constructs the drainage and maintains the roads.

They will only opened up the roads after the government and the concerned authorities take up the construction of the drainage and the roads, the protestors echoed together.


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