Jessami villagers storm PS


IMPHAL, April 20: The situation at the Manipur-Nagaland border aggravated today at Jessami village after villagers unhappy with the government’s apathy stormed the Jessami Police station having around 30 personnel headed by an OC.

According to a source, the villagers were angered by the failure of any state authorities including the local MLA to visit the tension griped village to take stock of the situation even after several villagers were injured.

IFP had wrongly reported that the local MLA had visited the village in our April 20 edition, which was a mistake on the part of our sub-editor; the MLA had visited the injured at the Shija hospital at Langol.

According to a source, the incident happened this evening around 5pm. The villagers citing the police of failing to protect them in their times of need, stormed the police station. The police personnel who were unarmed were unable to do anything to quell the mob fury.

According to a source, villagers from Nagaland have already encroached some four km towards Jessami into Manipur side from the Akash Bridge which is the official border between the two states. However, state authorities and the local representatives have totally failed to visit the area and take stock of the situation, even though tension has gripped the area since the past three-four days.

The source further expressed that even as news of the tension between the two states spread, Nagaland authorities have already visited their villages and expressed their concern to the villagers.

It may be mentioned that the area has remained gripped by tension since April 18, when six Jessami villagers were forcibly abducted by villagers of Mellori in Nagaland. The six were later released after severe physical assault. A VDF driver had sustained severe injuries and is presently being treated at the Shija Hospitals.

Meanwhile, another source has added that on hearing about the dismantling of the police property, the concern Ukhrul SP rushed to the border village.


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