KCP-MC owns up Binoy shooting


    IMPHAL, April 16: The KCP (MC) on Monday said Nongdrenkhomba, finance secretary of the outfit was supposed to punished  Pradhan of Bomdiar Gram Panchayat, Leitangthem Sorojini and her husband Leitangthem Binoy of Nambol Awang Jiri Mayai Leikai.

    The KCP (MC) in a statement signed by its finance secretary Nongdrenkhomba said the couple committed punishable offence against the party and indulged in corruption and for that reason the KCP (MC) shot Binoy in the leg December 25 last.

    Alleging that the couple repeatedly tried to hurt the party publicly, KCP (MC) said the party had demanded neither money nor support from them.


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