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Premila murder: family claims body, sit-in protests continue

IMPHAL, April 17: The body of Keisham Premila on Tuesday was handed over to her family after post-mortem at JNIMS mortuary.

Premila, a 44-year-old unmarried woman from Wabgai Thingel Leikai in Thoubal district was allegedly raped and killed by Mayanglambam Khelendro of Kakching Turel Wangma Ningthou Pareng in Thoubal district.

Her body was found on April 10 at Kakching Mahadev hillock.

The body was recieved by her family after an agreement was reached between the JAC formed in connection with the killing and the government. The last rites of Keisham Premila will be held tomorrow.

Meanwhile, members of the JAC formed in connection with the horrendous killing and hundreds of residents from the locality of the prime accused, Khelendro stormed the Kakching police station this morning, with a demand to hand over the alleged murderer to them. However, the police pacified the agitators and later dispersed the crowd, sources said.

Police sources said two individuals were picked up by police after accused Khelendro named them in the killing, but the police failed to find any clue from them.

Kakching police had earlier picked up another five persons whom Khelendro claimed to be involved in the killing, but they were freed as evidences of their involvement in the case could not be established.

According to the latest statement given by Khelendro to Kakching police, a hot argument pursued between Premila and Khelendro as the former asked the latter to elope with him after having sexual relations on the day Premila was killed.

However, the proposal was flatly rejected by Khelendro following which he hit on the head of Premila with a club, resulting in her death.

Khelelndro also claimed to have told the police that he did not burn her body and that the residents nearby might have lit the fire which charred her body beyond recognition.

The accused is now not properly responding to interrogation as he is a drug addict, police said, adding that they are encountering difficulties with the task of the investigation due to his imbalanced mind.

The sensational murder of Keisham Premila has triggered widespread condemnation and protests throughout the state.

Today, widespread sit-in protests were staged at various parts of the state in condemnation of the murder of Premila.

Various NGOs under the aegis of JAC formed against the brutal killing of Keisham Pemila organized sit-in protests at Lamshang Bazaar, Kwakeithel Bazaar, Wangoi Bazar Community Hall and Sekmaijin Thong.

The protesters shouted slogans like “Those who outrage the modesty of women and kill them are enemies of the society,” The murderer should be awarded capital punishment” and “We condemn the killing of Premila.”

The demonstration at Kwakeithel Bazar was held in the middle of the road by stopping traffic. It was participated by various women bodies which include Kangla Mei, Chanura Lamjinglen Kangleipak, Sangaiprou Kabui Meira Paibi and Kwakeithel Bazaar Apunba Meira Paibi Lup.

However, police forced the demonstrators to change the protest site, saying they would not allow the road block. Later, the women protestors continued the sit-in protest inside the market.

It further reiterated the demand to repeal AFSPA from the soil of Manipur with immediate effect.

Meanwhile, AMSU has submitted a memorandum with a 5 points demand, on behalf of the people of Manipur to the Chief Minister today on the “Realization Day”.

The demand includes the immediate implementation of the agreement made between the representatives of Manipur government and the student’s representatives at Chief Minister’s office on July 22 and August 5, 1980, the agreement signed between representatives of Manipur government and AMSU president in presence of Governor of Manipur on November 9, 1994, an appropriate policy of recruitment both in public and private sectors to curb the unwanted influx of the immigrants from other States of India and outside the territory of Indian union, Inner-Line Permit System so as to regulate the entry of migrant laborer in the interest of local indigenous population and Special Status for the people of Manipur without disturbing the territorial integrity of Manipur, in order to fulfill the political and economic aspiration of the people of Manipur and Manipur origin all over the world.



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