Python handed over to Zoo


    IMPHAL, April 28: A 16 feet long Python weighing 28 kg was this late morning handed over to the Manipur Zoological Garden, Iroishemba by the Loktak Police OC N Duidang.

    The python having a three feet girth was found swallowing a full-grown goat by amazed local woodcutters at Gouthang gorge some 40 kms from Leimatak Hills under Henglep Police Station in Churachandpur district on April 25 around 10am.

    The villagers struck by the sheer size of the python caught it while it was unable to move and brought it to their village.

    The villagers later informed the Loktak police, who took it to the PS and kept it till it was handed over to the zoological garden this morning. 


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