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TSA ridicules recovery of Palaeolithic relics claim

IMPHAL, Apr 6: The Thadou Student’s Association, Chandel district has strongly denied the recent claim of recovering tools and other things which could be from the Palaeolithic age, made by the Archaelogical Survey of Guwahati, History department of MU and NJK Singh of DM College of Science.

TSA has in a press statement alleged that the caves existing in Chandel district are within their courtyard/kitchen garden and they know all the caves since decades and have been visiting frequently and even children used to go for spending their free time but have never come across the tools and things that the excavation team had found, used during the old stone age (Palaeolithic age).  

The TSA also alleged that as per their knowledge is concern, the exploration team was flagged off by Brig Upendra Dwivedi, commander 26 Sector AR at Pallel on March 20 and the team had moved to the Sajik village at 36 AR camp and stayed there for two days and came back without visiting the cave. But they are really amazed as to how they found such materials by staying inside the AR camp, they also intuited that how can they get assistance from villagers residing in the area without their knowledge and the king of Khomunnom village and members of the Kuki Student’s union, which does not exist in Chandel district as well as in any part of this world, the statement added.   

Further it stated, TSA would like to know what policy is behind the intentional frequent distort/mistake in naming of the places, villages and caves that phuikon ningthou cave instead of Phoikon Housapu (cave), phuikon haosabee cave instead of Phoikon Housapi (cave) and there is no cave called haosabee daughter’s cave in Chandel District and misinterpreting the literal meaning of the Khongmunnom village i.e. old village instead of Pleasant village, the statement added.



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