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URF hails Khongjom matyrs

URF hails Khongjom matyrs
IMPHAL, April 21: The banned United Revolutionary Front (URF) on Saturday appealed to the people of Manipur to observe the 121st Khongjom Day and said the outfit pays homage to all the heroes who died as martyrs to defend their mother country from the British during the Anglo-Manipur War, 1891.

Stating that it is useless to live as a human being unless one’s precious life feel the taste of liberty, URF in a statement issued by its secretary, information and publicity secretary, AK Pibarel maintained.

It added, in the 21st century world people are tormented by other people and one nation is inflicting severe pain over another nation against the decision of the world communities.

It further added, although Manipur was defeated in the battle of Khongjom, the British as well as the world acknowledged and praised the great warriors of Manipur who displayed valour and that the answer to this greatness and sacrificial spirit gifted by our forefathers will be given if it’s late, the URF vowed.        



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