Another clarification on Chadong feud

    IMPHAL, May 14: In an emailed statement the village elders of Chadong village has clarified on the recent Chadong villagers feud which was widely reported in the local dailies.

    The statement has claimed that Job kasar does not have a house in Chadong as he sold his house to Asang Kasar some years back and added that he is currently living in the house of his elder sister Philayi Kashung (wife of Ngatangmi Kashung) of Chadong village.

    It has further alleged that Job blamed one Malungchang Kashung, a cousin of Ngatangmi Kashung, of instigating Ngatangmi to force him out from his current residence.

    In this situation, on 8 May around 6 pm, Horam Kashung, the son of Malungchang came to Job, who was drunk at that time, to clarify the charges levelled against his father. This led to a family feud, but at the end the neighbours came to stop the parties.

    That night, around midnight, all of a sudden some armed personnel in four gypsies landed in Chadong accompanied by two residents of the village namely Yaomi Kasar and Ashang Kasar. They rushed to the house of Malungchang and tried to arrest his eldest son Berlin, it said.

    By this time the woman folks of the village have gathered and they managed to snatch back the eldest son from the hands of the armed personnel. Surprisingly, one Benjamin Kashung, a close relative of Ngatangmi, was taken away by those armed persons (accompanied by Yaomi Kasar and Ashang Kasar). This was done without any arrest Memo or any intimation, and the villagers were left behind with utter shock and feared his fate, the statement claimed.

    The statement signed by M. Ringai, MH Ramkahao, K. Valungchang said that by the that time most villagers were gathered, and infuriated by this act of the armed personnel and the two villagers who were accompanying them.

    The immediate retaliation by the uncontrollable mob was to vandalize the house of Yaomi Kasar and Ashang Kasar, it said.

    The next morning on May 9, the Litan Police OC and SDPO, Ukhrul and SDO Phungyar and their teams arrived at Chadong and made a spot enquiry. Yaomi Kasar, Ashang Kasar, James Kasar and others also arrived at the village. James is the elder brother of Yaomi and he is also the disputed Head Man of Chadong Village. The officers concern have informed that a meeting of the two parties have been called on 14 May and the Chadong Village Authority looks forward to an amicable solution to the issue while seeking justice for those wrongly put under difficult situation, it said.



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