Ceasefire extended with Khaplang


NEW DELHI, May 4 (Vision Comm): The Government of India will “keep a close watch” on the activities and movement of NSCN (Khaplang) faction leaders and cadres during the next one year extended period of ceasefire.

Disclosing this to the Vision Communications a senior official in the Union Home Ministry said, “If they are found extending any help to any of the anti-Indian insurgent groups or indulging in factional killing, the ceasefire agreement may come to a naught.”

It is in that understanding that exactly after a gap of four days from the due date the Government of India inked the extension of ceasefire agreement with the NSCN-Khaplang faction on Thursday in the North Block in New Delhi.

The ceasefire agreement was signed only after the Government of India was “satisfied with the clarifications” from the Chairman S S Khaplang and his two representatives CFSB Supervisor Lincoln and member H K Sema.

The Government of India was represented by the Joint Secretary (North East), Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr Shambhu Singh.

Representative Lincoln later told the Vision Comm, “There is no point imposing preconditions. Rather Government of India should start the process of political dialogue with the NSCN-Khaplang. If invited, our Chairman S S Khaplang will travel to New Delhi for talks. He is serious to settle the Naga political issue.”

Regarding the ceasefire with the Myanmar Government Lincoln categorically stated, “There were rumours and disinformation campaign against us. An attempt was made to create misunderstanding, but ultimately both the sides discussed all issues with positive mindset and signed the agreement. We signed the ceasefire agreement with the Myanmar Government as we have signed with the Government of India. The idea is to restore peace and resolve our political issues with both the Governments. How it is creating hurdles to the ongoing peace process? We are very keen to bring peace in our land.”

Mr Lincoln also asserted that “our Chairman never invited anybody in his base. We don’t help any other group for creating terror here.”

However, the Government sources indicated that the Khaplang faction was categorically asked to ensure that no anti-Indian insurgent outfit or their members be allowed in the Eastern Nagaland area of Myanmar where the Khaplang group rules. The Government is believed to have got the report that Paresh Baruah led ULFA besides Manipur based PREPAK and PLA have a regular movement in the Khaplang dominated area of Myanmar.

Mr Lincoln further said, “To run our movement we collect taxes. Government agencies call it extortion. But if we find anybody misusing our name or organization, we punish them.”

He also denounced factional killing and hoped that the ceasefire ground rule mechanism will help to stop factional clashes. “We don’t support the factional killing”, he added.


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