Chennai Manipuris take up Richard issue


IMPHAL, May 6: Over 300 people from different walks of life today came out to protest the alleged murder of Richard Loitam at Besant Nagar, Chennai, stated an emailed statement of the Justice for Loitam Richard Group Chennai .

The protestors together demanded that it is high time the Karnataka government bring out the culprits and justice be brought to the aggrieved family as well as to the society, the statement added.

The protestors also called upon the Karnataka government to take action against the Acharya NRV school of Architecture management for their negligence, false accusation and the cover-up in the death of Richard Loitam, the statement added.

Further according to the statement, the gathering stood in silence and prayed for two minutes for the departed soul. Slogans were shouted, banners and placards were held by the participants.

Meanwhile, a student participating in the protest demonstration, Sarungbam Bonny said, “It says India is the biggest democratic country. But here, it is suppressing the minorities, hiding the truth, discrimination and so on. Is it not sowing seeds for unwanted tyranny? Are we living in a democratic country or some Facist country?”, the statement quoted.

It further quoted another protestor identified as Dilbir Soram, Associate Engineer, Caterpillar, “Almost one month has passed but the college is still hiding the merciless murder. What is the college upto? Are they fearing reputatiuon loss?”

Another protestor Vicky (Senior Software Engineer, TCS) said, “We bear the freedom struggle together believing we are brothers and sisters. But why such an act of injustice? We demand justice and only justice”.

It further quoted another protestor, Seema Shijagurumayum (Product Manager, Redington India Ltd)– “This collective voice will not die down till the justice is granted. We are here as a human being feeling for another human being. Why can’t the college authorities do the same? ”

Raviratan (Team Leader, Taj Club House)– We need a fair justice. We are all Indians. Please treat us as one.

Tai-Niyu (Student, Apollo Engineering College))- “We are often bullied as Chinky.  If we are not safe in our own country, where are we safe?

The protest campaign was organized by volunteers of Justice for Loitam Richard Group Chennai, the statement added.


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