Kapil Sibal takes initiative to resolve racial profiling


NEW DELHI , May 26 (MIC): Union Minister of Human Resources Development  Kapil Sibal held a meeting on Tuesday at 4.30 pm in his office chamber with the Commissioner of Delhi Police B. K. Gupta and other senior officers of Delhi Police along with the representatives  from the North Eastern states  regarding the problems faced by students and employees from North-Eastern Region of India working in Delhi . 

The meeting decided  to take various actions to resolve the problems being faced by the communities of North Eastern states in Delhi.

The Commissioner of Delhi Police or a senior officer nominated by him, would meet the members of NE community once every quarter.

Delhi Police will appoint nodal officers consisting of senior police officials, who have worked in the NE and are sensitive to their culture, to interact with NE students and employees, whose problems have not been solved through the normal course. 

Contact numbers of such officers will be made available to the members of NE community.

The representatives of NE States will form a formal or an informal body and convey the names, addresses and telephone numbers of such members for interaction with the Delhi Police.

The Commissioner of Delhi Police assured that junior police officers posted in localities having a sizeable North East population would undergo a special sensitization programme with the help of members from NE community as resource persons.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development will write to all the universities located in Delhi requesting them to strengthen their student counselling or welfare cells keeping in mind the cultural sensibilities of the North Eastern people.

The Special Secretary of MHRD Ashok Thakur wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Delhi Police on Friday to take necessary action at the earliest on the decisions taken during the meeting and to forward an action taken report on the same for perusal of the Union Minister of Human Resource Development.


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