Karnataka goods boycott `Immature`


From RK Chand
BANGALORE, May 24: Manipuris living in Bangalore have reacted strongly to the recent ban on import of Karnataka origin commodities and entry of educational counselors from the state of Karnataka as an ‘immature decision’.

Speaking to IFP over the phone, National Institute Advance Studies, Bangalore, NIAS Asst Professor Moirangthem Amarjeet Singh, said, “The so called quit notice and boycott of Karnataka-made items are like swimming against the tide. Why are the student groups issuing such ultimatum?”

Amarjeet, who is also an expert in contemporary conflict in North East India has urged the student organizations not to mix up state affairs with an “isolated case” of murder.

A BBM student in Bangalore’s CMR College Khongbantabam Sarojbala Chanu, opined, “It might cause negative impacts on the lives of Manipuri students and residents who are staying in the city (Bangalore) and other parts of the state (Karnataka).”

Pointing out that Bangalore alone is providing an opportunity for better education and livelihood to around 30,000 Manipuri students and working people respectively, she said, “We depend on Karnataka for higher education” and any unwanted action in Manipur against the people of Karnataka might provoke an atmosphere of animosity among the people of the two states”.

Another student, Moirangthem Kiran Singh, a Chemistry Ph. D student in Indian Institute of Science asked, “Could we compromise better education because of this incident.”

Bangalore is already an established city and such a move would not affect it much, it’s simply an act of “snatching educational Rights for students”, he told IFP.

On the other hand DESAM advisor LC Santosh said, “It’s to send a direct message to the Karnataka government regarding the Richard’s case and our demand is handing over the case to CBI and to accelerate the case at the earliest possible. It’s a non-corporation movement”.

Pointing out the recent detainment of North East people in New Delhi during the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao, AMSU president, Thokchom Suresh, said, “There is a clear sign of racial profiling and discrimination” in rest of the India.”


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