Naga-Kuki feud over land


Newmai News Network
IMPHAL, May 6: The Kuki-Naga feud over Chawangkining land dispute in Senapati district emerged again with the Naga People`s Organosation (NPO) urging the state government of Manipur and the district administration to intervene if any untoward incident is to be prevented.

On the other hand, the Kuki Inpi, Sadar Hills claimed that it was first settled by the Kukis.

Chawangkining is a Liangmai village situated along the IT Road.

Last year some Naga organisations had alleged that a number of Kuki people had encroached in the area and started their settlements.

On Sunday, the NPO, the conglomerate of Naga tribes in Senapati district alleged that some Kuki people under the protection of `armed groups` have been continuing to construct houses in the Chawangkining vicinity. The NPO claimed that the area belongs to the Nagas.

“We demanded for the immediate intervention of the state government and the district administration into the sensitive and volatile land encroachment incident of the Naga areas in Chawangkining village and in the cattle farm near Daili village along the IT Road,” urged the NPO today. It added that the two areas are located under the Kangpokpi ADC surrounded by the Kuki commuities.

The NPO then cautions that in the event of any untoward incident arrises, the state government will bear the responsibility.

Kuki Inpi, Sardar Hills president Chungkam Haokip informed Newmai News Network the Kukis were settling in the area but during the Naga-Kuki conflict the Kukis had left the area briefly.

Chungkam Haokip claimed that the Kukis started returning to the area after the High Court had dismissed a case filed by the Nagas in connection with the matter.


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