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No to ethnic based state formation: CPI

IMPHAL, May 11: Even as the state prepares for yet another 8-day general strike and economic blockade on its highways the state CPI has expressed its reservations against ethnic-based state formations in the country, while the powerful KNF has stated that it will oppose the said general strike and economic blockade.

Speaking to mediapersons today at Irabot Bhavan CPI state secretary Dr M Nara said, the demand for another ethnic based state will only aggravate the already volatile situation in the state and it will lead to ethnic tension.

It may be recalled here that, the Kuki State Demand Committee had yesterday called for 8-day strike in pursuance of a Kuki state at media briefing at Churachandpur.

The general strike is set to start at 6 am of May 12 till 6 pm of May 15 in all the Kuki inhabited areas of the state to be followed by an Economic Blockade of all the National Highways from 6 pm of May 15 to 6 pm of 19 May which will include the banning of government activities and offices.

Briefing the media at Bijang Vengnuom the KSDC spokesperson K Khongsai had said, a Kuki State is long overdue while adding that it is within the constitutional framework.

Communist Party leader Dr Nara said, ethnic based state formation is not the solution to the varied problems of the state including ethnic assertions. Rather overhauling the system through electoral reforms would be the only viable option towards solution, he added.

Our Kangpokpi correspondent adds:  The proposed general strike starting tomorrow and economic blockade from May 15 called by the Kuki State Demand Committee has been opposed by the Kuki National Front.

Speaking to some mediapersons at the Ebenezer Peace Camp Secretary Information and Publicity LH.Stephen said that Kuki National Front being a mother organization of all Kuki insurgent groups do not recognized the origin, formation, functioning and development of the Kuki State Demand Committee.

He further said that the proposed general strike and economic blockade imposed by KSDC within Kuki dominated areas is unreasonable and unacceptable rather it will only disturb the normal life of the general public as a whole without any cause.

LH.Stephen urged the general public not to observe or support the said general strike and economic blockade called by the Kuki State Demand Committee.



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