Panellists feel New Delhi’s fear on foreign diplomats’ Nagaland visit unnecessary


DDK Anchor KV Nurumi (left), Naga Hoho President Keviletuo (2nd left), NEPS Editor Oken Jeet Sandham (2nd right) and Nagaland Post Correspondent Daiho Mao (right) during Panel Discussion under “Trends of Nagaland” on European Diplomats’ Nagaland visit here at DDK Studio on May 19, 2012.
KOHIMA, May 19 (NEPS): Panellists who took part in the DDK Live Discussions on the recent visit to Nagaland by the eight European diplomats here at DDK Studio on Saturday have expressed almost the similar opinions that there was nothing wrong on the part of the civil society members, state government functionaries including legislators sharing about the decades old Naga political issue with them.
The panellists were Naga Hoho President Keviletuo, NEPS Editor Oken Jeet Sandham and Nagaland Post Correspondent Daiho Mao.
The DDK Live Discussion at 2 PM under the weekly programs “Trends of Nagaland” which was anchored by senior journalist and DDK commentator, KV Nurumi, also reviewed on the comments made by State Governor Nikhil Kumar, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, etc. with regard to the Naga issue as well as issue of Nagas living in Myanmar. The Governor and the Chief Minister shared their views and opinions on the Naga issue while they were called on by the visiting diplomats who seemed to be more interested to know about the Naga histories.
The Nagaland visit by the eight European diplomats had created a flutter when the Ministry of Home Affairs expressed their objections to their free and frank interactions with the Naga people here in the State expressing their apprehension saying that some sections of the Naga people attempted to internationalise the Naga issue. The Ministry was at loggerheads with the External Affairs Ministry saying that they did take proper clearance from them (Home Affairs Ministry) for the diplomats before entering the sensitive border state.
The Naga Hoho President Keviletuo expressed his opinion that although Nagas had been divided and placed them in two countries—India and Myanmar—they were still one family. He was also of the opinion that the interactions they had with the visiting eight European diplomats in Nagaland were very rare and further stated that the Government of India should not unnecessarily feel apprehensive because they themselves had expressed about the “unique histories of the Nagas.” It was only expressions of the Nagas and not against the Government of India, he added.
NEPS Editor Oken Jeet Sandham, while stating that interactions with the visiting European Diplomats with the Naga civil societies on the Naga political issue was good, however opined that such interactions should be very careful at this juncture because the talks with the Government of India had already entered into a very “decisive phase.” “If there are no talks with the Government of India on the Naga political issue, then we can talk as we like with any dignitaries such as the visiting diplomats. But when the negotiation process are on with the Government of India, to engage in any discussions such as Naga political issue with the foreign diplomats should be very diplomatic,” he stated.
Nagaland Post Correspondent Daiho Mao said the tussle between the two key Ministries of the Government of India over the visit of Nagaland by the eight diplomats was good in a way that had shown how the Naga issue was serious and genuine. He also said sharing of Nagas’ history with the visiting diplomats was only natural because the latter stated that their visit to Nagaland was to familiarise with the Naga people.


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