Richard`s blood has no traces of drugs: Sources


BANGALORE, May 3 (CNN-IBN): Manipur student Richard Loitam`s death remains a mystery with the forensic report saying no traces of drugs have been found in his blood even as there is no clarity on whether wounds in the head led to his death. The forensic report of Loitam, who died under mysterious circumstances inside his hostel room in Bangalore, was submitted to Bangalore rural police on Thursday with sources telling CNN-IBN that the boy was not under the influence of drugs when he died.

After his death there were allegations that Loitam was under the influence of drugs. Sources say paracetamol has been found in Loitam`s blood but that could have been from the medication he received for the accident he had two days before he died. Sources say investigations are on to find whether the blood found on Loitam`s pillow were before or after his death.

The Bangalore police have already booked two students, Syed Afzal Ali and Vishal Banerjee, for the murder of Richard Loitam. But both the students have been suspended from the college and the police have asked the college to ensure the two didn`t leave the hostel till the probe was over.

The police had earlier registered a case of death under suspicious circumstances. However, Richard`s family had been alleging foul play.

Earlier, Bangalore police said that the reason for the Manipur boy`s fight with his friend could have been a two-wheeler accident. The police had also said that Richard was injured after the two-wheeler accident.

Richard, a second semester student of the Acharya NRV School of Architecture in Bangalore North, was found dead on his hostel bed on the afternoon of April 18.

On the night of April 17, he reportedly quarrelled with his hostel mate Vishal Banerjee over watching an IPL match. Another student, Syed Afzal Ali, intervened and hit Loitam on the face and head. Following the altercation, Loitam returned to his room and was found dead the next day.


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