Thangals celebrate inclusion


IMPHAL, May 18: The Thangal Union (TU) organized the  Thangal Tribe Modification Thanksgiving Celebration at Yaikongpao (Tagaramphung) at Senapati district today.

A stone monolith was unveiled by K Abung, ex president of Thangal Union in full attendance of a gathering belonging to the Thangal tribe.

The formal function was attended by Irrigation and Flood Control minister, Ngamthang Haokip as the chief guest. Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (RD and PR) minister, Francis Ngajokpa and former MP( Lok Sabha), Mani Charanamei were the guest of honor and special guest.

Charanamei in his speech mentioned that the Thangal tribe is a small community, but the habitation of the tribe located in various areas strategic and ideal for development. Mentioning that the Thangal along with others tribes have been recognized by the government as scheduled tribes, the former MP stated that one cannot rest only on that status but have to struggle further to maintain the cultural heritage of the tribe.

Minister Francis Ngajokpa in his speech stated that there is need to develop the ethnic languages further. He mentioned that changing the nomenclature should be viewed not in a pessimistic manner but rather positively and as recognition of its ethnic status.

IFC minister Ngamthang Haokip in his chief guest address stated that there must be peace in the land first for development to come. Mentioning that a congenial atmosphere needs to be among the various communities inhabiting the state, he appealed that the communities and the insurgents should not hinder the development works being carried out.

He stated want for the Thangal memorial park at Mayangkhang to be further upgraded and be part of the Patriots Day celebrations. The minister further announced to build at community hall at the area.

It may be mentioned that the Indian constitution in the scheduled tribe listing now recognizes Kabui to Inpui/Rongmei, Kacha Naga to Liangmei/Zeme and from Khoirao to Thangal.


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