ZUF bans tribal councils


IMPHAL, May 17 (NNN): The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF), the militant outfit based in Zeliangrong areas has totally banned the Zeme, Liangmei and Rongmei Naga councils for bringing confusion and damage amongst Zeliangrong tribes.

The ZUF  stated that the recent contradictory statement issued by Zeliangrong societies on the tribe(s) issue is of great concern for the Zeliangrong people as these contradictory statements have done great damage to the Zeliangrong community.

The Front stated that the confusion and contradictions could have been avoided if there had been consultations among Zeliangrong people and frontal organizations before issuing press statements.

Therefore, those who had brought this present scenario should be held responsible for the sorry state of affairs in the Zeliangrong society, said A. Ramroi, general secretary, ZUF.

The three councils (Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei )will be banned from any Naga apex body till the matter is decided in the next Zeliangrong peoples’ convention, said Remroi.

The ZUF appealed to all the societies to come together and sort it out the contradictions and confusions at the earliest and to earnestly start the process of modification or rectification to bring a solution for the matter.

In this process if any individual or group give any obstacle, they will be considered anti-people and befitting action/punishment will be taken up by ZUF, said Remroi.

“Zeliangrong people cannot and should not be fragmented in any manner because we are bound by blood relation, common origin, culture and history”, said the general secretary of ZUF, and added that ZUF will also take up positive steps to bring the Zeliangrong Baudi and Zeliangrong Union under one banner in due course of time.


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