Accidental explosion


    IMPHAL, June 12: A Kamco ploughing machine accidentally struck a bomb yesterday morning at 5am while ploughing an agricultural land at Thanagong fields, Namdunlung under Khoupum PS which exploded.

    According to a statement of the Goitang village Authority council secretary, the incident happened when Bonreingam, 36 son of Gonkarei of Duithanjang village was ploughing the field using a Kamco machine.

    Bonreingam fell down on the ground due to the impact of the sudden explosion, however escape unhurt as he was shielded from the explosion by the machine.

    The machine was however damaged during the explosion, the statement said.

    Mentioned may be made that there was a heavy exchange of fire between the NSCN (IM) and ZUF during the end of last year around the area.


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