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Biggest Landslide of NH-37

IMPHAL, June 20 (Makan Post): The Imphal-Jiribam National Highway 37 has remained blocked since June 14 due to landslides, even though there were reports that the highway will be opened from today.

Landslides had occurred on June 14 at Nungdolan, Sibilong village Tamenglong on June 14, blocking the highway.

According to BRTF -115 Road Construction Company (RCC) Commander, Terumal supervising the  765 sector, Jiribam, CLP labours are working very hard day in and day out to clear out the boulder blocking NH-37 since 14 June.

Three flat huge stones measuring 20 metres long and 12 metres wide are blocking the highway. 80 BRTF are engaged in the landside area and one CLP member was injured during the work of clearance.

115 boxes of dynamite bombs were already used and one Compressor three Bulldozers and JCB are used during the work to clear with utmost level to clear as soon as possible.  A Doctor is also employed in the working site.

All together 80 labours are deployed in the site and 5-6 bombs are made blast to remove the huge stones.

Passengers of old aged were all evacuated to the safe place and Zeliangrong  High level worker were also giving full cooperation in the landslide area, one witness truck driver of MNO 18383 told Makam Post through telephonic conversation.



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