BJP state unit submits memo on J&K report


IMPHAL, June 29: A team of the BJP, Manipur Pradesh today met with the state Governor at the Raj Bhawan and discuss several issues.

The BJP team was led by its Manipur Pradesh president Sh Shantikumar Sharma and included vice president S Tikendra Singh and S Lala Singh general secretary Kh Radhakishore Singh, former Minister S Rajen Singh and secretary, Media Affairs, L Bashanta Sharma.

The team also handed over a memorandum to the Governor to be submitted to the President of India.

The memorandum concerns the report on Jammu & Kashmir entitled “A new compact with the people of Jammu & Kashmir” prepared by a group on interlocutors for Jammu & Kashmir including Dileep Padgaonkar as Chairman and Radha Kumar and MM Ansari.

Speaking to media persons today, Shantikumar said the team highlighted to the Governor that the report is incomplete and conceals the hard realities of Jammu & Kashmir.

The President BJP had also highlighted that the report do not address the safety and security of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs who fled the state and the suggestion of Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) as Pak Administered Kashmir ((PAK) and substitution of the word ‘temporary’ with ‘special’ in relation to article 370 is not tenable at all.

The report should be rejected immediately, he had said, according to Shantikumar.

He further continued that concerning the appointment of Parliamentary Secretary, the president had expressed to the Governor that the bill which is ready to be passed by the state Assembly may be considered nothing but a loss to the treasury of the State.

The BJP is of the view that the interlocutors’ report will not help in the integration of J&K into India and completely rejects every aspect of this report so the BJP has put a charter of demands in National interest in the memorandum.

The demands include that J&K be not treated as a unique state from rest of India; minority and majority status should not be the basisfor giving special treatment to any state as it will pave the way for further division of the country; scrap Article 370 of the Indian Constitution for giving Jammu and Kashmir a dual character; no reports and statements from the part of Central & State Government officials be issued which substantiate the anti-Indian stand maintained by Pakistan; Parliament and Union institutions should have normal access & controls on J&K; propose to review all laws passed by the Indian Parliament after 1952 in relation to J&K; reject the report suggesting POK as PAK and substitution of the word ‘temporary’ with ‘special’ in relation to Article 370 and measures be taken not to spread misinformation making a mess with the historical background and future of J&K.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh president further said the reduction in petrol prices might be due to its nation-wide agitations and added that the price hike had affected the state tremendously because of the defunct Manipur Chamber of Commerce which should be checking and controlling price fluctuation in the state.


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