Family alleged murder case produced as accident case


IMPHAL, June 30: The slur of police personnel allegedly trying to present a case of murder as an accident case has been highlighted to the media.

In the regard, a press meet alleging the misconduct of the police personnel mainly the investigation officer of the said case was convened today.

It was stated that one Worinkhan Khamrang, 24, son of (L) Engenchao Khmarang of Tora Aheng village of Ukhrul district was allegedly murdered, and the victim has been presented to the law as that of being an accident victim.

Talking to mediapersons in the regard, Thuingaleng Khamrang, elder brother of the deceased stated that, his late brother Worinkhan Khamrang owned a vehicle which was utilized as a passenger vehicle.

On  June 20, Worinkhan’s jeep broke down at Somdal village and to recover his vehicle, he  and his wife tried to find another vehicle to pull the broken down vehicle for further repairs.

From the deceased’s family’s statement, the deceased and his wife put up at the wife’s house at Ukhrul.

In the evening of June 20, about 5 pm, one Paoringyao Haoram who also drives a passenger jeep along with one Ninglumpam Khamrang came to the said place where the deceased was put up.

The duo had insisted the deceased to accompany them to pull out his defective jeep. As it was late, Worinkhan’ wife Phungreiwon had appealed to his husband not to go out at such a late timing, but the accused Paoringyao had repeatedly insisted them to come, and Worinkhan had reluctantly followed the accused persons.

In the evening of June 21, the family was informed that Worinkan had been killed in a jeep accident.

The relatives of the victim had further investigated in the regard.

It was stated that the family had seen the corpse lying on the road and when it was inquired, the accused Paoringyao Horam and his colleagues stated that Worinkhan was killed in the unfortunate accident. The relative when inspecting the jeep found that there was no skid marks, evidence of a probable accident, he said.

Further, on looking at the corpse, the family found that most of the lower and upper teeth of the deceased were missing and marks around the neck of the person were evidently witnessed, he continued.

The dead body was picked up by the police and later the autopsy was conducted at Ukhrul district hospital against the norm that any criminal case needing post mortem should be conducted at RIMS hospital

In the ensuing investigation, the accused namely Paoringyao Kaoram and Shimreichon were arrested on June 22.

On the same day in the evening, the family members of the accused had come to the family of the deceased for a settlement which was ignored, he continued.

Meanwhile, in the funeral service of the deceased, the father of the accused, namely one Leishi Haoram had stated in an open meeting that he met his son and the other accused in the lock up and further that they had confessed to the murder.

The killers had said that they had perpetrated the killing, the confession was made to Leishi Haoram and to the sister of the deceased.

The case taken up by the Ukrul police station was allegedly that of a motor vehicle accident and not pertaining to murder, he continued.

In the regard the family members of the deceased stated that the police officials who had wrongly reported the case said the investigation should be booked according to law.

The bereaved family members of the deceased has submitted a memorandom to the DGP today, urging neccesay action be taken up in the regard.


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