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Karnataka CID records testimonies in Richard case

IMPHAL, June 29: The Karnataka CID Crime Branch has reportedly recorded testimonies of 30 individuals in connection with the alleged murder case of Richard Loitam.

Superintendent of Police In-charge of Karnataka CID crime branch and Investigating Officer, IO of the sensational alleged murder case Rameshchandra told IFP on Friday.

He added that the investigation on the case of Richard is now in full swing ever since the case was transferred to the Karnataka CID Crime Branch.

In the process the two prime accused in the case namely Vishal and Syed Afzal Ali were booked by the CID.

Although the duo had been released by the court on bail, all the possible and necessary works are now being taken up by the investigating agency to find the clue in the alleged killing, he said.

Vishal and Ali were released on conditional bail on June 18 last.

Testimonies of 30 individuals have been recorded so far by the CID in connection with the alleged killing of Richard, Rameshchandra informed.

The testimonies included that of S Sudhakar, the warden of Acharya New Hostel where Richard died and Vishal and Ali. Sudhakar was the complainant who reported the Madanayakanahalli Police Station on the death of Richard on April 30 last.

Richard was found dead in his hostel room on the morning of April 18 last.

However, Rameshchandra said it is not the right time to divulge the rest of the individuals whose statements were recorded as the case is under investigation.

It is believed that Vishesh, Sheyas and their friends, who claimed to have seen the brawl when Richard was beaten up by Vishal and Ali near Room No-III of the hostel, were among the 30 individuals who have given their statements.

Another student named Sourab who first informed the hostel warden about the death of Richard might also have given his statement to the CID.

The final course of the law is yet to be decided regarding the case of Richard though 30 individuals have been recorded their testimonies, the SP, CID In-charged insisted.

But, the law will start taking its own course after completion of the re-examination of the post mortem report of Richard at AIIMS, he added.

According to Rameshchandra, the report is expected to receive in the middle of July next month.

The re-examination of the report being conducted at AIIMS included specimen of Richard’s lungs, kidney, liver, spleen, skin, heart and brain. 



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