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NH-37 remains cut off due to landslides

IMPHAL, June 16: Normal vehicular movement along the Imphal-Jiribam road (National Highway-37) came to a grinding halt since Saturday as three huge rock boulders plummeted at the Nung Dalal and Kaiphundai sections of the route continue to block the highway. 

However, personnel of GREF are now trying to clear the road by exploding the rocks and they are expected to finish the road clearing work by tomorrow after moving all the rocks and mud blocking it, sources said.

Our Jiribam Correspondent add: With National Highway 37 a lifeline of the state remaining cut off since yesterday after huge landslides occurred at Nung Dalan, vehicles going to Imphal from Jiribam have returned back to Jiribam.

People have been appealing for the development of the highway before the arrival of monsoon in the state; however the authorities concerned has remained deaf to the appeals till date.

Even though stretches of the highway have been maintained, several other stretches including the Barak to Oinamlong, Shanti Khunou to Nungdollan have been left as it is.

The Shanti Khunou to Nungdollan stretch has been left in a deplorable condition.

Due to the deplorable condition of the highway, loaded trucks were finding it difficult to pass through the stretch.

Around ten landslides have occurred along the highway blocking it at several places.

A source informed that the BRTF has been trying to open the road at a war footing, however it is speculated that the road would not be open even by June 17.

Villagers of Civilong (near Barak) said several heavily loaded trucks had passed through the highway going towards Imphal, which could have also damage the road.

They alleged that several of the trucks put cement bags in their trucks and cover them with rice bags making it look like they are carrying rice bags, however due to the cement bags, the truck are heavier which could damage the road.

Overweight trucks are also one of the major reasons for the bad condition of the highway, the villagers informed.

The villagers have also urged the concerned authorities to look into the issue.



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