NSCN-IM disrupts Thoubal Dam


IMPHAL, June 3: It has been discovered that the Mapithel Dam, also known as Thoubal Multipurpose Project which is one of the key projects of the state government has not been able to complete in time due to disruption from the NSCN-IM, a highly placed source said.

Excepting the completion of the project, even the development for the required components of the project has been completely paralyzed due to the stringent ban imposed by NSCN-IM on the construction and development works of the project.

It is said that the survey work, which is one of the important parts of the project, to be carried out in the forest areas surrounding the project has not been implemented till now and that development for all the proposed routes to be connected with the project site and the surrounding areas are not yet taken up.

Besides all the pending development works, the government has failed to pay compensations to two villages affected by the Multipurpose Project.

It has also be learnt that there are six affected villages but four of them had been provided with Rehabilitation and Resettlement (RR) facilities by the SPF-I government.

However, the present state government led by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi is yet to provide RR to the two villages—Chadong and Lamlai Khunou. There are more than 400 families with separate surnames in Chadong village while 200 in respect of Lamlai Khunou village.

Representatives of Mapithel Dam Multipurpose Project Displaced Villages Committee (MDMPDVC) and Manipur government had negotiated on the RR for the left out villages in many occasions. However, the villagers have not been availed the RR till now despite the agreement.

The main factor hampering the implementation of the RR is that the NSCN-IM has repeatedly threatened the committee and prevented them from taking money given under the RR. The rebel group has also reportedly imposed various conditions to another body called Mapithel Dam Affected Villagers’ Organization (MDAVO).

According to the injunction order issued by the joint secretary of NSCN-IM Secretariat steering committee, retired captain P Varam on September 17, 2011, “Till now no logical conclusion or agreement from the negotiation of the Expert Review Committee with the MDAVO for the affected villages arrives, no authority other than the people mandated MDAVO shall negotiate and make the final decision.”

The injunction order also says, secret negotiation being carried on between the government of Manipur and MDMPDVC shall stop immediately. Formation of MDMPDVC being illegal is declared dissolved once and for all. Former members are directed not to use the name of the dissolved committee anymore.

It says any solution to the Resettlement and Rehabilitaion problem shall be handed by the MDAVO only. Therefore, any money involved in the package of the RR plan to be given out by the government of Manipur to the affected villages shall be drawn with the permission of the MDAVO only.

“Now, therefore, any individual or group which defies this national ‘Ahza’ shall be punishable as deem necessary,” the order mentioned.

In another order issued by Isak Chisi Swu, president of NSCN-IM on March 23 this year said, “In consultation with the collective leadership in the matter of Mapithel Dam and in order to arrive of a comprehensive conclusion that will be benefitted by all the stakeholders, including Mapithel Dam Affected Villages Organization (MDAVO) and Mapithel Dam Multipurpose Displaced Villages Committee (MDMPDVC), the Yareiwo orders that the above mentioned parties shall not draw the final compensation money.”

The order says that, therefore, the matter is kept in abeyance until further orders and all the stakeholders should comply with this order.

At the same time, the state government has maintained silence on the matter with regard to the restrictions imposed by NSCN-IM, the sources added. 


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