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PREPAK (Pro) claims responsibility for bomb attack

IMPHAL, June 4: The proscribed PREPAK (Pro) today claimed responsibility for the bomb attack on the residence of Y Ningthem, Managing Director, MDS yesterday.

In a statement, PREPAK said the bomb attack was carried out as part of its ongoing ‘Operation Pruning’ as the first warning to the MD of MDS.

Two bombs were also exploded by the outfit under the operation at the residences of contractors M Chaoba and O Meghachandra, PREPAK (Pro) claimed.

The statement alleged that some rich people in the valley in cahoots with the heads of various government departments have been pocketing the money meant for the development of the people in their own properties.

A handful of rich individuals along with the MLAs and bureaucrats in the state Secretariat Department have been releasing the huge funds sanctioned by the Centre to their handpicked officers and turned the money into a lucrative business. And among them MDS, LDA and FCS may be mentioned, it said.

Y Ningthem runs the MDS office from his Mantripukhri residence which is guarded by security men. He owns a BMW car which costs around 30 lakhs, apart from this he has a number of cars, the outfit claimed.

On the other hand, special contractors M Chaoba and O Meghachandra might have earned over Rs 200 crore each from contracts and supplies in the past few years, PREPAK (Pro) accused.

It also said that MLAS from the valley are now under the surveillance of Operation Pruning and action would be taken up against them at any opportune time.

The Operation Pruning covers all the mafia leaders, MLAs, ministers, those individuals who are with these people and it will identify all the individuals who are helping the common people and that the outfit will extend support to such individuals, the statement added. 



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