Solid waste still remains in Imphal


By Huidrom Sushila
IMPHAL, June 11: Following the Imphal Municipal Council chairperson’s claim regarding the treatment of solid waste dumping sites in Imphal areas under the council, IFP today conducted a field trip and found the actual situation to be quite the contrary as alleged by the residents.

IFP visited the solid waste dumping site at Khurai Kongpal Khaidem Leikai and interacted with several local residents.

During one such interaction, a resident said that on the contrary to the IMC chairperson’s claim, there has been no treatment or processing of the waste which has caused several hardships to the nearby residents.

She said the open waste disposal has attracted flies, vermins causing much suffering for the residents.

When asked if it has caused widespread diseases in the area, another resident replied there have been quite a many incidents of diarrhoea in the area affecting even the new born infants.

Not only the flies but the odour emitting from the site has also become a menace in the area with several adverse environmental impacts.

Another adverse effect of the open site located in a residential area is that whenever the wind blows, the litters become air borne, she added.

The flies are also present in swarms since morning to evening in the area.

People have also been affected with several skin diseases including itches and rashes all over the body, she added.

While visiting some nearby houses including a nearby nursing institute, IFP saw that flies and other vermins were present in hordes in all rooms.

A student of the institute said, the flies are affecting their daily works. They are unable to sleep, eat or read due to the presence of flies in swarms.

Another student showed the IFP reporter about their way of catching the flies. They put glue on a yellow paper and hang it for some time. The flies remain glued to the paper.

The students further appealed to the concern authorities to look into their grievances.

Residents however added that the local club had requested the IMC to use the area as a landfill, so as to turn it into a playground, however the plan seem to have back fired, with the IMC failing to cover the dumping site and the local club remaining mute on the issue.

Some further informed IFP that treatment of the solid waste dumping site had been done only twice since the IMC started dumping waste at the area some six months ago.

Another resident appealed to the IMC to consider their plights before a widespread epidemic affects the area.

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned that during a brief chat with IFP some days ago, the IMC chairperson had said that the present disposal grounds are chosen with acknowledgement and approval of the locals, including clubs and other local bodies.

He had added that the IMC takes ample steps to treat and control the waste disposal grounds so as not to cause any health hazard for the people residing in the nearby areas, he said.

Solid wastes are dumped along the Langol-Lamphel road approaching Shija Hospital in Imphal West and along the Pong road in Porompat in Imphal East as temporary measures before the ongoing construction of a permanent site is opened at Lamdeng Leimarol Khunou from October this year, the Chaiperson had told IFP.


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