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Top seed Sanjoy still among the leaders

IMPHAL, June 4: The second round of the ongoing 22nd Kh.Anou Singh Memorial State Level Open Chess Tournament 2012 organized by the Kwakeithel Chess Club under the aegis of Manipur Chess Association was played today.

Top seed defending champion Kh. Sanjoy (2pt) earned full point by defeating his rival S .Basanta( 1 pt). Playing the Sicilian Defence, Sanjoy had time pressure in the first session but was able to overcome his rival with 2 pieces advantage forced his opponent to resign in 55 moves.

At another table, the rated player and former champion Premjit(2 pt) snatched full points from his opponent Premchandra. Premchandra had time pressure and finally had to accept defeat when the Sudden Death Session was over when he was to about make his 72nd move.

In the next table, another rated player Dhanabir(2pt) had a tough time to overcome Ojit. So at the end of today`s play Sanjoy, Dhanabir, Sanajaoba, Premjit, Pritamkumar, Ningthem, Somorendro, Inao Sharma, Gobin Luwang, Brojen, Nabachandra and Jacky are among the leaders with 2 points each. The 3rd round matches will be played tomorrow at 6.30 am.

Results of the Second Round Matches: Basanta ( 1 pt) lost to Kh.Sanjoy( 2pt), Premchandra (1 pt)lost to£remjit(2 pt), Dhanabir(2 pt) beat Ojit(1 pt), Bheem(1 pt) lost to Sanajaoba (2 pt), Gobin Luwang(2 pt) beat Kunjabihari (1 pt), Rajeshwor (1 pt) lost to Jacky (2 pt), Romeo (1 pt) lostto Ningthem (2 pt), Brojen (2 pt) beat Kishan (1 pt), Pritamkumar (2 pt) beat T.Bheigyachandra (1 pt), Manisana (1. 5 pt) drew Herojit (1. 5 pt), Nabachandra (2 pt) beat Dhanachandra (1 pt), Shashikanta(1.5 pt) drew Bit irom (1.5 pt), Somorendro (2 pt) beat Saheb (1 pt), Roshan (1 pt) lost to Inao Sharma (2 pt), RK Bhogen (1.5 pt) beat Sadananda (1 pt), Shakespeare (0.5 pt) lostto Bankim (1.5 pt), Dorendro (0.5 pt) lost to Gautam (1.5 pt), RK. Bheigyachandra(1.5 pt) beat RK Lelin (0.5 pt),Bobo(1 pt) drew Omorendro(1 pt), Atembi(1 pt) beat Rabin (0.5 pt), H. SanJoy (1 pt) beat Sudhirsana ( 0 pt), Ranjit( 1 pt)walk over Bobichand( 0 pt), Washington (1 pt) walk over Khaba(O pt), Bikramjit (0 pt) lostto Ibochouba (1 pt), Suraj(0.5 pt) drew Boss (0.5 pt), BiIjit( 0.5 pt) drew Rakesh (0.5 pt), Bipin (0 pt) lostto Sharat ( 1 pt), Shyamkishore ( 1 pt) walkover Shantibhusan (0 pt),Lawrence (0 pt) lost to Tulakishore(1 pt), Nonganbi (O pt) lost to Merajao(1 pt), Jiban(1 pt) walk over Bidyaluxmi(O pt), Riyabati (0 pt) lost to Rana (1 pt), Ashakiran( 1 pt) walk over James (0 pt), Suresh (1 pt) beat-Rison (0 pt).



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