UNLF fumes over Karnataka bail


IMPHAL, June 27: The banned UNLF on Wednesday said the state Chief Minister misled the people over the alleged murder case of Richard Loitam by assuring the latter that the case would be handed over to the CBI for probe which was a blatant lie.

Six student bodies in the state with the help of other civil societies had launched various forms of agitations over the death of Richard and at the same time even political parties were compelled to join the protests as pressure mounted to them, UNLF said in a statement issued by its senior publicity officer, KSH Yoheiba.

However, a Karnataka court had released the two main accused in the Richard case on bail against the wishes of the people, the statement said.

The statement said UNLF wants to remind the people that the people of the Northeast, particularly the women in the metro cities of India have been encountering different crimes like rape, molestation and even killing for the last many years.

The Indian police and judiciary have always refused to receive complaints,reports on such crimes committed against the people of the region even as registration of FIRs are rejected all the time, the outfit accused.

It alleged people from all walks of life know very well that the security forces taking advantage of AFSPA have been indulging in arrests of people without serving arrest memo and killing of people. The security forces are also attempting to exterminate the indigenous people of the region. 

The four CRPF jawans involved in the RIMS massacre of 1995 had been set free by the court and this act is the concrete example of such attempted extermination, the outfit added.

The outfit also asked the people whether it will be the right way to silence ourselves over the Heirangoithong massacre, Patsoi-Langjing killing, Tera Keithel killing, Tonsen Lamkhai killing, Malom killing and the Oinam village incident.

Asking the validity of the Indian colonial policy and judiciary system, the outfit appealed to all, particularly the intelligentsia, leaders and intelligent students to find out an answer to all these questions.


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