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Hemo takes a dig at meager allocation

IMPHAL, July 6: Labour and Employment minister Irengbam Hemochandra in clarification of a cut motion said that his department though small plays an important role despite the meager allotment of funds.

“My department has a sanction of only Rs 20 lacs, which is the cost of a good car. Unfortunately, there cannot be a quantum jump from last years allocation of Rs 10 lacs”, he said.

The minister on a candid note said that his department funds cannot be augmented on the perusal of other members of the House which was in the case of IFC minister Ngamthang Haokip.

It may be mentioned that Dr Ng Bijoy in his suggestion to the House had mentioned that funds for the IFCD department are inadequate, the allocation of Rs 5 crore should be hiked to at least Rs 20/30 crore, he further stated that his funds for earth works at Khurai area to stop seepage during the last water level rise has not been reimbursed.

The MLA had also suggested of giving medical help to the BPL families by means of a smart card.

Hemochandra mentioning Ng Bijoy’s reciprocation of a prior suggestion of IFC minister Ngamthang Haokip to bring the latters issue to the House mentioned that, a Government scheme of providing health insurance with a sum of Rs 30,000 will be provided in the form of smart cards to the underprivileged.He was drawing the attention of Dr Ng Bijoy.

Hemochandra mentioned that the patients can avail the facility from JNIMS and other private clinics of the state, but not at RIMS as the institute do not come under the purview of the state medical directorate. The minister applauded the working of the House, stating that the official time of Assembly had expired at 5 pm whereas the business still continue till late with full participation of both ruling and opposition members which was not witnessed even during the 9th Manipur Assembly sittings.

The session went on till nearly 6.45 pm today.



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