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Ibobi all smiles at half an hour downpour

IMPHAL, July 27: Amidst the drought like situation in the state, the Chief Minister was all smiles when rain poured down incessantly for about half an hour today afternoon.

CM Ibobi Singh was attending as the chief guest in a reception program of newly elected office bearers of the youth congress at Congress Bhawan,BT Road.

As he began his speech he joked that perhaps the rain may have been waiting for today’s inaugural function.

He said that the government has been closely monitoring the drought like situation and rainfall has been recorded on a daily basis.

Even though the civil organizations and other political parties have been urging the government to announce drought, the matter cannot be complied with in a kneejerk reaction. The situation has to be closely observed and assesed, Ibobi said.

“The motive of the organizations is acknowledged, but the government functions differently, we have to be responsible for every announcement that is made. If we cannot live up to our decision, then what would the public think”, he added.

Detailing on the drought situation, he said that beginning January, the rainfall has been measured daily and till June the rainfall was measured at 43 percent. But, now the rainfall has been recorded at 63 percent even though a shortfall.

“Drought has to be announced if the rainfall percentage is less than 50 percent”, he said that area coverage of crops in the hill districts is acceptably good except for Churachandpur. He said that it would have been an irresponsible act if the government had announced drought prematurely.

Stating that the Congress is the oldest and most responsible political party, he said that state Congress cannot respond to every allegation and claim.

“We have to think and analyse before making any statement”, he added.

Stating that the future of the state lies in the hands of the youths he said, “We are not permanent but we try to do our best during our tenure, though there may be discontent on many fronts, it is up to the youths to rectify further and to bring about development.”

He wished the new elected Congress youth members the best in their future endeavors.

MPCC President Gaikhangam also mentioned that the newly elected members are blessed as the long awaited rain has arrived during the auspicious moment.

The congress youths should be exemplary in their work and should champion for peace and development. They should strive to bring up the image of youths in a positive manner, he said.

The reception function saw Congress MLAs including IFCD Minister Ngamthang Haokip, M Prithviraj, Ng Bijoy, Victor Keishing, T Mangibabu and Amin Shah among other congress functionaries.

Amit Hussain has been elected as the new president of the state Youth Congress.



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