Oken assures fool-proof PDS


IMPHAL, July 4: The Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Minister Moirangthem Okendro assured the house that steps have been taken to prevent black marketing of petroleum products in the state and the results can be seen in the following 2-3 months.

This was stated by the Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Minister answering to a calling attention motion raised by Dr I Ibohalbi Singh, MLA on the reported detection of water from an oil depot.

The Trinamool leader also drew the attention of the CAFPD minister on the exposure of illegal mixing plant of petroleum products at Khurkhul in May this year.

M Okendro said that steps have been taken to ensure that the oil pumps in the state are following the guidelines issued by IOC. According to the IOC guideline the Oil Pump should conduct a checking every morning before providing service and if anything serious is found during the checking it should be reported to the IOC. 

The reported incident on June 22 at BB&CO oil pump, Sangaiporou was an accident as it is very clear that the pump will not mix water with the diesel. After a detailed check-up it was found that there was a leakage at the bottom of the oil take due to corrosion. The oil pump made an apology to the vehicle owners and repaired the vehicles.

The department will make sure that quality petroleum product is maintained in accordance with rule of the cooperation. If any individuals/outlets found for malpractices will be punished.

Further, he said that SK oil is a controlled item. Through advertisements in the media the item is distributed to the general public at a cheaper rate. Black marketers take advantage of it.

There is also provision for testing the petroleum products before entry in the state by a team of AR, BSF etc.

He also said that the seized SK oil from Khurukhul on May is still untouched at Sekmai Police station. The police are still giving their efforts to arrest the individuals involved in the case.

The department has also conducted checking of the oil pumps from time to time. Besides that we have our secret agents who provide information.

We have also provided 24 hours service to two oil pump in the municipal areas for emergency purpose. And it has been appreciated by many people. We have receipt only good reports during the last one month service as trial.

The Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Minister thanked the MLA for bring out the issue and assured that he will do his best to prevent petrol racket.

Opposition leader, Dr Ibohalbi raised the IFP report on seizure of Ephidrine tablets worth Rs 75 lakhs seized from Imphal airport by during Zero Hour.


Prepaid in Uripok

The Chief Minister said that there is a programme for installation of pre-paid meter system with uninterrupted power supply in Uripok Assembly Constituency within three months. This was said by the CM O Ibobi answering the question asked by the Uripok Kendra MLA L Nandakumar Singh.

State Medical Council

The CM said that provision has been made for the functioning of Manipur Medical Council starting from this current year onwards. For this the Medical Council Act 2009 was notified on May 28. To enforce the act a date will be fixed and are trying to make Medical Council Rules. This was said by the CM answering the question asked by Dr Ng Bijoy Singh, MLA.

River Breach

Namthang Haokip admitted that a breach had occurred on the October 8, 2010 on the left bank bund of Thongjaorok River at Indramani Singh paddy field mapa at Khoijing village for a length of 150 feet damaging five pari of paddy and fish farms.

He said that since no sufficient fund was provided during Annual Plan, 2010-11, payment for carrying out the repair work to the damaged portion could not be made, and therefore, still pending with the department. When sufficient fund is provided under Plan for Flood Control Sector during 2012-13, the payment can be cleared.

This was said by the IFCD Minister answering a question asked by Dr I Ibohalbi Singh, MLA.


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