Schools need upgradation: Lecturers association


IMPHAL, July 1: The All Manipur Government Higher Secondary Lectures Welfare Association has urged the Education Minister, Director, Education (S) and Principal Secretary, Education to look into the administration of the Education Department and the condition of schools in the state.   

According to a statement of the association’s Secretary M JoyKumar Singh, it is said that more students have been admitted beyond capacity now at three schools in Imphal– TG Higher Secondary School, CC Higher Secondary School and Johnstone Higher Secondary School. So, in order to meet the demands of the increasing number of students the schools needs upgradation.

The allegation that the officials in the state Secretariat take Rs 500-1000 while processing files should be clarified by the concerned authority, the statement said. 

Further, it alleged that contract basis and part time teachers, who are actually teaching the students have not been paid their salaries till today. It also appealed to pay their salaries at the earliest . They also suggested for appointment of regular teachers under the sponsorship of MPSC instead of appointing  contract basis/part time teachers. 


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